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Need a nanny or housekeeper referral?  Need a cook or house manager referral?  We can help you find nanny and/or domestic help or workers in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Baltimore and other locations throughout the U.S.!
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Here's How Our Service Works!

About OUR Involvement in the Candidate Interviewing & Screening Process:

Nannies & domestic workers contact our office looking for employment assistance. A big part of our job is to recruit and pre-screen candidates via telephone interviews to see if they qualify for registering with our service.

We Require All Candidates Meet the Following Service Registration Requirements:

Be at least 21 years of age

Be legal to work in U.S.

Be able to speak English

Possess a driver's license (if driving is a job requirement)

Possess a minimum of 2 years prior work experience as a nanny or babysitter, governess, elder/companion care, and 5 years experience required as a housekeeper/day worker, household and estate manager

Possess verifiable work references from former/current employers

Possess good to excellent work recommendations from former/current employers
We gather information about the candidate by having him or her complete an employment application and work reference form, check work references, then note inquiry results in our files. We then identify only those candidates who appear to meet your job criteria and are a good match for your family. It is left at your discretion as to either accept or pass on interviewing a particular candidate. When you are ready to hire a particular applicant, we will provide you with a Work Standards Agreement. This document is a guideline for you and the candidate to review and agree upon throughout employment. We do not need a copy of this document but suggest you provide a copy to the candidate for his or her record.

About YOUR Involvement in the Candidate Interviewing & Screening Process:

You are responsible for interviewing candidates in-person in the privacy of your home, office or in a public place of your choosing. Although we check candidates' employer references it is also advised that you do the same since you will be assuming all risks when hiring an individual through our service.

You are responsible for obtaining and paying all costs involving a candidate's partial or complete pre-employment background review. This may include a candidate's criminal report, a Social Security trace, an address verification, a driving record review and an educational degree, diploma or certification authentication. If needed, we can refer you to an online source that helps you obtain affordable background screening checks on an applicant who is set for employment. Background screening check results on an individual will be made available to you usually within 24 to 36 hours but may vary in some states.

Upon registering candidates with our service, we inquire about their legal work status for U.S. employment. If they are a non U.S. Citizen, we ask them for information found on their Work Permit and/or Resident Card then note this data in our files. According to Immigrations and Naturalization Service (INS), it is the employer's responsibility to ask to see certain forms of personal I.D. from the individual employed then be prepared to keep this information on file for a certain number of years. To learn more on this topic and find INS I-9 Form, visit INS online at:

When Registering With Our Service, You Need To . . .



Once we have reviewed and accepted your application, we will send you an e-mail confirmation in this regard.

Contact Information:

Office Telephone: 301-868-4420
Contact Us

Locations Served

WASHINGTON, DC | American University or AU Park | Adams Morgan | Capitol Hill | Chevy Chase D.C. | Georgetown | NW- DC | Foggy Bottom | Fox Hall | Spring Valley | Tenleytown Upper Northwest | Woodley Park
MARYLAND | Anne Arunde | Baltimore | Bethesda | Chevy Chase | Columbia | Chevy Chase | Gaithersburg | Germantown | Montgomery Village | Montgomery and Prince George’s County | Potomac | Rockville | Silver Spring |
VIRGINIA | Arlington | Fairfax and Loudoun Counties | Alexandria | Fairfax | Falls Church | Hearndon | McLean | Reston | Springfield | Tysons | Vienna
USA | CA | DC | FL | GA | MD | NJ | NY | PA | VA


Families Help Line does not claim to always have in-home jobs or referrals available in any certain location in the U.S. Prior to submitting an application to our company, it is best that you check with our company to see if we have jobs or candidates available in your particular city and state.

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