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Need a nanny or housekeeper referral?  Need a cook or house manager referral?  We can help you find nanny and/or domestic help or workers in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Baltimore and other locations throughout the U.S.!
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Starting from 1997 to present, Families Help Line has helped families find suitable in-home help in Washington, D.C. and surrounding area. We initially began as a nanny placement agency, then later on replaced it for a more affordable alternative to a nanny & domestic help referral service. A nanny placement agency may charge placement fees ranging from $1,500 up to $2,500 and an application fee ranging from $100 up to $300. This type of service covers all aspects of candidate recruitment and screening processes including a limited time replacement guarantee ranging from three months up to a year on the applicant hired.

Currently, we operate a nanny & domestic help referral service. When using this type of service compared to a placement agency the savings are substantial! Our rates are affordable because we ask you to assume partial aspects of candidate screening, including paying background screening costs on the applicant you plan to employ. It's not a big deal since we are supportive to you throughout the entire process when hiring in-home help, and the background screening costs are normally less than $100. We charge you a one-time $350 finderís fee upon hire of a nanny, governess, housekeeper, elder or companion care referral. The rate covers one candidate and applies to any work schedule. We provide you with a 30-day trial period on the applicant you employ. If the first applicant hired isn't a good fit for your family then we will provide you with a second applicant for hire with no additional cost during the trial offered. To learn more about how our service works, click here!

Our Pledge to You...

"We promise not to waste your time by sending you unqualified candidates for your position. We take a serious approach in recruiting only the best candidates that appear to match your particular job requirements. Also, we will not charge any application or up front fees for you to begin interviewing available candidates. In the event, we are unsuccessful in helping you locate a viable candidate match for your family, then you will not be liable for paying us any portion of our finderís fee."
We Welcome the Opportunity to Help You With Your Candidate Search!

When you are ready to begin your candidate search then please complete our online Family Application or complete our Contact Form.

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