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Families Help Line can help you find a nanny or a nanny/housekeeper referral for Part-time, Full-time, Live-in, Live-out Employment on a Long-term basis. This service is available to families who reside in Washington, DC/Baltimore Metro area as well as many other large cities/states located throughout the U.S.


The nanny's primary responsibility is caring for the children. Nannies are able to assist families with errands such as dropping children off and picking them up from school, activities and occasional medical appointments. Most families provide nannies with vehicles if driving children is a requirement. If nannies are expected to use their own vehicles, families should expect to pay extra compensation on top of the nanny's regular salary. We suggest families pay a minimum of thirty-five cents (or more) per mile to the nanny if he or she is required to use his or her own vehicle while on the job. Some nannies are adamant about having the family pay a portion of their vehicle insurance premiums if driving children in their vehicles are job requirement. . Nannies may perform light housecleaning chores pertaining to the children's requirements, preparing children’s meals and assisting in the children’s laundry. Our nanny referrals have experience caring for the newborn or infant, toddler and the school-aged child as well.


The nanny-housekeeper candidate may assist the family with all of the duties assigned to the nanny but includes family help as well. Typical nanny-housekeeper duties include child care, run family errands including grocery shopping, helping with family laundry and cooking family meals.

Nanny/Housekeeper Salary Info

Approximate salary range for the full or part-time nanny and nanny/housekeeper varies with responsibilities, days, hours, geographical location of the job site, education and experience of the candidate. Salary for the nanny may range from $500-$800 for full-time based on 40 hours/week. A part-time nanny could run from $12.50-$15 (or more) per hour. A nanny/housekeeper's salary tends to run higher than a nanny's salary and is usually around $15/hour for part or full-time employment.

A full-time work schedule consists of 40 hours/week (may be more hours if needed). We require a minimum of 20 hours/week for a part-time work schedule. We suggest you consider paid federal holiday and vacation pay for the candidate you employ.

Interviewing Procedure

Families will interview available candidates in-person in the privacy of their homes, offices or in a public place agreed upon by both parties. Unless otherwise suggested by our company, it is the family's responsibility to contact the candidate and give him/her job interview specifics, e.g., interview date, time and directions to the job site. After interviewing available candidates, the family is required to contact our office with results of each interview in a timely manner.

Contact Information
Office Telephone: 301-868-4420
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Locations Served

WASHINGTON, DC | American University or AU Park | Adams Morgan | Capitol Hill | Chevy Chase D.C. | Georgetown | NW- DC | Foggy Bottom | Fox Hall | Spring Valley | Tenleytown Upper Northwest | Woodley Park
MARYLAND | Anne Arunde | Baltimore | Bethesda | Chevy Chase | Columbia | Chevy Chase | Gaithersburg | Germantown | Montgomery Village | Montgomery and Prince George’s County | Potomac | Rockville | Silver Spring |
VIRGINIA | Arlington | Fairfax and Loudoun Counties | Alexandria | Fairfax | Falls Church | Hearndon | McLean | Reston | Springfield | Tysons | Vienna
USA | CA | DC | FL | GA | MD | NJ | NY | PA | VA


Families Help Line does not claim to always have in-home jobs or referrals available in any certain location in the U.S. Prior to submitting an application to our company, it is best that you check with our company to see if we have jobs or candidates available in your particular city and state.

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