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Need a nanny or housekeeper referral?  Need a cook or house manager referral?  We can help you find nanny and/or domestic help or workers in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Baltimore and other locations throughout the U.S.!
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Job Applicant Full Name: SUMITHRA G.
Address : Silver spring MD 20906
Home Phone #: Withhold for now
Cell Phone #: Withhold for now

Are you 18 years or older? Yes - 40 years
Marital Status (Not mandatory): Married with 2 children, 7 & 12 years
Do you have child care provisions while you are at work? Yes
If employed, could you submit proof of your legal right to work in U.S. to your employer? Yes (Green Card)
Do you have at least two years of recent experience as a nanny or domestic worker? Yes
Do you speak English? Yes but not fluent
Do you speak a fluent language other than English and if so, please list the language? Sinhala (Sri-Lankan language)
Do you have a driver's license and do you have your own vehicle? No - Husband will transport to/from work (weekdays)
If applicable, list the state you have your driver's license: N/A
List driving violations and dates: N/A
Do you wish to drive child/ren or adult in your vehicle while they are in your care? N/A
If yes, do you have adequate vehicle insurance? N/A
Do you prefer your employer provide you with a vehicle for job-related duties? No - N/A
Are you CPR certified for infants/children or adults and if so give us the certification exp. date? No
Are you a smoker or a non smoker? Non smoker
If applicable, please let us know how many children you will care for and their ages? 1 up to 3 children - infant up to 12 years
Do you need to bring your child to work with you nnd if so, please list yoru child's age? No
For elder care or companion care candidates, please briefly describe what you are looking for. Have 2 plus years experience caring for the elderly

List the type (Nanny, nanny/housekeeper, housekeeper, day worker, elder care, companion care or other) of employment needed and let us know if you are available for a full or part-time, live-in or out, short or long-term or a Summer position.
Prefer Nanny or babysitter, housekeeper or elder care

Are you available for work Monday thru Friday or other days? Yes, weekdays are fine and if needed maybe on Sundays as well
List the available hours: 9am to 2pm (Hours are non negotiable)
List locations you are willing to consider for work (be specific): Silver Spring, Maryland, NW-DC, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg in Maryland
Can you work overtime, if needed? No on weekdays but maybe some work hours on Sunday if needed
Do you want to relocate for work in the U. S. and if so, list locations you will consider for employment? No
If applicable, are you willing to pay travel, lodging & food expenses as part of your relocating costs? N/A
If hired, when can you start work? As soon as possible or only immediate employment offers considered

List salary expectations for a weekly or daily work schedule: Minimum of $10 to $12.50/hour depending on what needs to be done
List desired benefit package preferred (if any is offered): Whatever is offered would be appreciated
If applicable, list live-in accommodations you will consider: N/A

Did you graduate from high school? Not in U.S.
If you graduated from high school or went to school in another country other than the U.S., list nation here: Sri-Lanka
Did you graduate from college and if so, list the year you graduated and your major: No
Are you currently a student and if so, please list your area of study, the days and hours of your classes: No
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? No


References Pending: Will release work reference prior to being interviewed.

Sumithra has worked at least 3 years caring for children in a day care setting with children, ages from infant up through 12 years

If you would like to meet with Sumithra G. in a job interview then contact our company to check to see if she is still available for employment. If she is available then we ask that you SIGN UP with our service by using our online Family Application. See below for this link. Thank you - We look forward to hearing from you!


Office Telephone: 301-868-4420 (It is best to call between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., EST, Monday through Friday.)
Send us an e-mail! (It is best to contact us after work hours and on weekends by e-mail.)


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